new eye was written and recorded by mark marshall, from 2004 through 2007, in studios in both nyack and haverstraw, n.y. respectively.

a somewhat solitary work, the album consists of tracks composed and recorded alone over this three-year period - on the heels of having written and recorded that way, mostly in private, for nearly 30 years.

the subject matter of the writing is sometimes painfully private. but there's a joy there too... and the telling of just part of a life story as well.

in 2005, composition began on a couple dozen instrumentals - some of which ended up on the album, either with or without vocals.

the album started long ago, but the event that triggered it actually happening was a waking dream, which took place in may 2005. that dream was the impetus for "angelina" - the first song from the album to be recorded. (the instrumental actually existed long before the dream - just waiting for words and a melody.)

in the ensuing 5 months, more tracks were recorded, including "the flame", "crossing", "bye, andy", "crossing", "man walking" and an early and rough version of "taking you down".

october of '05, the console was replaced by an old, warm, huge and not exactly silent yamaha 2404 live console found on craigslist. not long after, some kind soul on craigslist put up a cheap set of motu 1224 audio interfaces and digital performer 3.

combined with a mac g3 450 that had been largely collecting dust, the studio was reborn in full - and recording began once again. this continued on and off for the next 7 months, and included "wanna be there for you", "travelin band", and a bunch of instrumental work that would eventually become the rest of the album.

in the fall of 2006, there was a 10 p.m. unprovoked assault at the front door - surrounded by three men, and struck in the head, which didn't cause any real damage other than a swollen cheek and ear. but it did kinda shut things down for a month or so.

the yamaha console was great, but really needed babying to get the job done - and it wasn't as quiet as one would like, nor did it have as many inputs as needed to take full advantage of the 1224's.

after doing some research, the arrived-at answer was a yamaha rm800, which is a highly underrated, wonderfully quiet and flexible console, with lotsa inputs to boot. this site was invaluable in making the decision.

once the decision was made, the only problem was actually finding one - they are older, and there were not all that many made.

funny how the universe provides - after really focusing on getting one, one just appeared...once again, on craigslist. and the seller voluntarily offered to take a third off the price - without being asked. in late fall, it came home. :)

between october '06 and march of '07, the rest of the recording and mastering took place, as well as the remaining photography and artwork. songs recorded included "miss directed", "this town", "another night" and "something to believe".

this section will be added to as time and travels allow, but in the meantime, there are many well-deserved thanks that must be shouted from the rooftops right about here, so...

thank you:

this would all have been possible, but not much fun (and not nearly as possible), without you:

sky you’ll never know how much i really love you, little man. i’ll never stop trying to show you. “aziz-light!”

tiffany for the support and love and support and sharing of art and love - you helped bring out the best of the artist in me - the photo sessions didn't hurt none. i love you.

abby my longtime friend, compatriot and partner in crime - this could have never happened without the love, hard work and struggles we’ve shared…thank you, and i love you always.

mary, elyse, laura and andrea i always miss you. i’m proud to be your brother, and am thankful that we’ve had each other to help figure this incredibly challenging existence out. i love you no matter the miles.

diane (& joe, of course) for your unconditional friendship and support, and voyeurism, and love, and competitive spirit, and love, and music, and love. let's not forget the love. i will absolutely be buying the first round.

honey friedman so deep in such a short span - thanks always for being there, and letting me be there back. i love you, dawling.

laura kaye i meant every word about our friendship, and the way you inspired me… i love you.

mom and dad i love you, and i am grateful.


chante bodrato and louis palude you believed when few others did, including me - i’m more grateful than you know, and i love you. dave fields i love you, man. jeff stark thank you, big brother. david noble (‘ello sausage!) ted whitmore my playing changed forever because of you and your incredible gift, and i’ll eternally be grateful.

andrew dark
how beautiful that one can find a dear friend when it seemed like that kind of thing had passed... barry & liz hirshberg for being there when he really needed a friend. mark lo bello and dean pillion at dse. helena and john from the bricktown brewery.

matt at 30th street guitars
for taking such good care of my baby, and helping to support this album by taking so much crap off my hands. (i’ve got a really nice muff fuzz...nevermind.) chris kienle and john scilipote for the paths we’ve shared, and for being the brothers i never had – i’ll always love you for it. now we all go back to work. sandy bill for sharing a very big little light. fredo, tavo and uncle mike for being friends, and being so wonderful with my boy. chris eve this wouldn't have happened without you - you’re a rock in a storm, brother - keep on keeping on.

michael levine
and laura kavanau your love, support and belief has meant more than you could know. pat jones for believing, and for being such a monster player to boot - you helped me believe. nancy allard your transformation - thank you for achieving it, and for sharing it. andy justin for your generous support. richard quinn for your invaluable support, friendship, partnership and belief. judy martin for sharing, understanding and creating out of chaos - you do rock!

shari marshall
thank you for your love, and for such a beautiful, beautiful boy. carl hafner (lookout doris!) i miss you! richard stratton for the inspiration - your struggle helped awaken mine. brian blade for putting up with the racket. rudy pensa and john suhr for building one hell of a guitar. dona coene thanks for your patience, and for just being there. jerry at natraz (thank you brother), billy cristiani and all from kelly’s thanks for helping me keep it alive. tom olori, tom hobbs, john hurson and frederic larreur for invaluable help on the video.

bird york
- your story was more of an inspiration than you could know – thank you for your love, light and encouragement. angelina thanks a lot for not standing me up. sailor a very, very special thanks - i learned more from your work than i could ever say, and could we please share a meal, already? while we still have teeth? my treat.

and to you who now read this, wherever and whenever you are...
thank you so much for sharing it with me.
love and light.